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Registered office of company in Tbilisi

Registered office of company in Tbilisi

If you are seeking a virtual office or registered place of business at a very attractive location in Tbilisi, you're in the right place. This service is also often used by companies that do not need for their physical business office.


Background of the registration office

Registered office we provide you with technical backgrounds as well as full service virtual office in Tbilisi. The headquarters of the company is meant to address registered in the Commercial Register as a registration office. will provide a new headquarters or a virtual office in Tbilisi, the possibility of renting meeting rooms, reception services, mail receiving, marking the headquarters building and other essentials. Of course there is consent of the property owner and providing a copy of an extract from the cadastre.

Legislation and registered office

Under current legislation, any new or existing founding (domestic and foreign liability company or as) required to include in the commercial register or place of business registration office. There must also prove the property owner consent to the use of space as registration of company headquarters. However, this is often a problem. Some companies have a problem to get permission of the owner leased the office to write the company headquarters in the commercial register. will provide professional and provide the company registration office.

Registered office address on the lucrative

You can choose the registration office in a very desirable and attractive part of Tbilisi, and now in Tbilisi Saburtalo Its virtual office you will be located near companies such as KPNG, Allianz and Marriott. Offices are located in the heart of Tbilisi near the Liberty Squere with a direct exit from the highway. Registered office so you will have only two minutes walk from the Metro station Liberty Squere or 5 minutes walk from the shopping center Galleria Tbilisi.

Registered office incl. Virtual Service Agents

The cost of virtual office are minimal. 

Using the registration office of then get a virtual office facilities, reception services, provision postal address, receiving mail and courier shipments, also approved the grant of residence and an extract from the cadastre. For information about receiving mailings will be sent by SMS or email. You have the ability to package in our store up to 365 days (or longer by agreement). You also own the Tbilisi telephone number during working hours will lift assistant, who will be the name of your company. All the messages you get your assistant to take and execute.

In addition to these services, the registration office will be able to take advantage of renting a meeting room with 6 seats. There you have audio-visual equipment. The rental price as soft drinks, coffee and tea. The first hour of the month rent is free, each additional hour is for fee.

Registered office and relax

This service is designed for companies that want to have a company registration office in Tbilisi at very attractive, do not need a physical office and looking for all services in one place. We have a guarantee of professionalism and the highest quality of service. Virtual Office in Tbilisi presents new opportunities. Registered office we provide you with a minimal monthly cost. The price includes your own background, at the entrance to the building marked with a sign with logo and name of your business, with an assistant on the phone, own phone number, with the possibility to pick up mail and many other services.

Take advantage of virtual office assistant with live and registration company based in Tbilisi. Move your registration office to more desirable locations in Tbilisi, and provide the contact with customers and business partners through reception.


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