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Services 4 to 6
Services 4 to 6
Services Company incorporation
You have your seat within 15 minutes
8 years on European markets
Open on Saturdays and Sundays
Company headquarters, mail reception and live assistant
Forward mail
Payment 12 months + 2 months discount
Free refreshments
Meeting room 3 hours a month free of charge

We are not only "virtual office", we are your real physical shared office "Office center" because:

  1. We in Tbilisi Virtual Office welcome visits of customers, offices and business partners during your absence at the office headquarters Tbilisi Virtual Office, address Besiki Business Center, Besiki Street 4, Tbilisi (20 m from Rustaveli Avenue). Like in your real office.
  2. We in Tbilisi Virtual Office offer you meeting and working area "hot desk", where you can accept important decisions, and where you can control your company when needed, when you are not on the road or with a clients. This way you also fulfill new requirements of state regulations for VAT registration. You get 3 hours lease of meeting room for each company's headquarters at Tbilisi Virtual Office every month for free.
  3. At office center Tbilisi Virtual Office, we accept you post, resend your post and also send your own post, which you can give us 7 days a week.
  4. You have a folder "file" at Tbilisi Virtual Office where all important lists of your company are placed.
  5. At Tbilisi Virtual Office, you can have your own telephone line with live call assistant who receives and passes messages on behalf of your company even when you are not present at the headquarters.
  6. For important meetings, you can label meeting room area and wall at reception of Tbilisi Virtual Office with your logo.
  7. Our assistants from Tbilisi Virtual Office can represent you at the bank, at the notary, at the tax office, can help you create a bank account, send your consignments forward from your data box and much more.

The Office Center service is fully valid for the address of the company's headquarters on Besiki 4, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Why choose a virtual office from us?

  1. We provide the Consent with company Legal Address immediately
  2. We have a real office - we do not hide behind a post box
  3. Clients may order and pay remotely, no personal contact is required
  4. We provide our clients the services of a personal secretary and a personal phone line
  5. Fully equipped virtual office at the company address
  6. Have a file with documents, stamps and business cards at our office. Do not be virtual.
  7. Meeting rooms for hourly rental in the centre of Tbilisi
  8. Selection from multiple headquarter addresses - Tbilisi - Besiki Street or Tbilisi Saburtalo
  9. Discounts and benefits for clients of Tbilisi Virtual Office
  10. No deposit or activation fee required
  11. Virtual Office for 3 months and more

9 Years on the Market with Trust, Confidence and Excelence

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Tbilisi Virtual Office Contacts

Besiki Business Center
Besiki 4
Georgia - Tbilisi

Call Toll Free: 0800 000 020 (from Georgia)
Reception: (+995) 593 590 007 (from abroad)

All contacts and opening hours >>


Business Lounge with a relax zone and free refreshments

Business Lounge Tbilisi Virtual Office


Meeting room Tbilisi



Accepting, sending and forwarding mail

We provide delivery of received and couriered consignment at the address of the residence as an optional service for providing the residence, virtual office or post address in cooperation with our logistic partners all over the Georgia and abroad


You can also require delivery redirection to your e-mail address within virtual office services with a personal assistant. All deliveries can also be delivered to the residence or virtual office address and collected in person.


Who do we provide company seats in Georgia for?

The service of providing the company seats and a virtual office is intended for clients who wish to have the seat of their company in Georgia. For example for clients who do not necessarily need a real seat for their business or have a problem gaining permission from the owner of the rented spaces, to be able to record the seat of the company in the business register. Another undeniable advantage is the technical base and complete service of the virtual office with the seat in the centre of Georgia.


What is a registered office?

The head office of the entity is the address that is recorded as the registered office in the business register. gives you the best quality in providing the headquarters. Beside the requirement of the headquarters we will provide you with virtual offices and lease of the meeting rooms.  

Provision of virtual office and company headquarters

Are you looking for a virtual office or company seat in Tbilisi at a prestigious address? We will provide you with a new company headquarters or virtual office in Tbilisi. This service includes permission from the property owner and provides a copy of cadastre listing for the property. The provision of a company seat includes the services of reception, mail receiving and a company sign on the building.

We offer a simple procedure to open your company remotely with Power of Attorney 

You can oparate the company and corporate back account from anywhere at the world or you can use our nominee service.  More info >>


Comparison of office services for companies and virtual offices

Choose from our wide range of the best packages of services - comparison of different programs in our Price list >> portal for clients of Tbilisi Virtual Office is available in English and Georgian

Client Portal

Tbilisi Virtual Office offer their clients a convenient and comprehensive online 24/7 overview subscription service "Assistant24" for the company inbox, received messages, packages and booking of meeting rooms in the virtual office. Access for clients>>

You can pay online, wire transfer, cash or with credit cards on the reception



We are open 7 days a week

Reception of Tbilisi Virtual Offices in Tbilisi


Prestigious business address in Tbilisi

Rustaveli, Tbilisi, Virtual Office

Locate the residence of your company with minimal monthly costs at an attractive address of a virtual office close to companies like Pasha Bank Georgia, KPNG and Hotel Marriott located in the centre of Tbilsi near Virtual office services are also available.

Virtual Office Georgia


Are you thinking about getting your business to a higher level?

If you are a successful entrepreneur who does not have time to be present in the office 24/7 and wants to cut on the expenses for staff, then you shall try our service - a virtuall office. Do you live out of Tbilisi and Georgia but would like to have an office there? Office that fullfil all the law requirements? With us this is not a problem! Read more ...

Tbilisi Virtual Office on Google+


Tbilisi Virtual Office on Facebook

Free Trade Zone Company incorporation in Georgia


High standard virtual office and meeting rooms for short term rent in Tbilisi

virtual office reception

Flexible and convenient virtual offices for you!

Virtual office equipment in Tbilisi, Besiki 4 Street:

  • meeting rooms capacity for up to 8 people
  • WIFI with high-speed broadband internet connection
  • PC connected to  flat LED screens
  • air condition and vintillation
  • presentation on LED panels 140 cm and 160 cm with full 4K HD resolution
  • beverage bar, safe, Nespresso, wine, catering, copier and printer
  • magnetic ceramic board and flip charts
  • live assistant for your comfort during your meetings with your business partners

Complete description of the virtual office equipment >>


Tbilisi Virtual Office

virtual offices at Tbilisi, Georgia

We can provide registered office and virtual office space for entities – limited companies, joint stock companies,  foreign branches and entities in Georgia. Besides providing headquarters, we also ensure virtual office services in Tbilisi, Georgia. 

The convenience, flexibility and low cost make virtual offices a great choiceOur services are well structured and you get exactly what you need.  With us you save money and time! We guarantee no activation charges, no deposits or other hidden costs for providing headquarters from our virtual office in prestigious location.

Have a file with documents, stamps and business cards at our office. Do not be just virtual office! Tbilisi Virtual Office is your real Office Center. 


The advantages of a business address and a virtual office

Having your headquarters in Tbilisi and a virtual office also provides the folloiwing benefits: 

A PRESTIGIOUS LOCATION – the provision of headquarters and an address in Tbilisi at an attractive address in proximity to companies such as KPNG, UK Visa Application Center, Tbilisi Marriott, Pasha Bank Georgia in the centre of Tbilisi,  close to Rustaveli Avenue (30 m), Parliament of Georgia and 3 minutes walk from the central Liberty Square with Galleria Mall.

RECEIVING OFFICE 24/7 – there is a 24 hour reception with security (receiving of consignments only at night and during the weekend)

PERSONAL NUMBER - you will get your own personal phone with a live assistant, who will answer incoming calls  with the name of your company and report to you messages

RENTAL OF CONFERENCE SPACES - we offer the rental of fully-equipped conference spaces, so called virtual offices, on an hourly basis for business residences service clients. These spaces are located in the center of Tbilisi, with capacity of up to 8 people. More information >>

SAFETY - security camera surveillance system and guarding of stored consignments by the security agency

INDICATION OF THE RESIDENCE - indication of the residence of registration on the building in accordance with the trade act

PARKING - easy parking just 3 minutes on foot from our reception

SUBWAY - The virtual office is a 2 minute walk from the subway stop Liberty Square

TOLL-FREE-NUMBER – a toll-free info line 0800 000 020 with customer service for entrepreneurs on working days from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. is provided with the virtual office and residency service

INFORMATION 24/7 - is an exclusive online enterprise portal for company residency service customers.

DISCREET SERVICES – company residency service customers receive identification via telephone with a 4-digit PIN or password

LEGAL SUPPORT - our lawyers provide wide range of legal advice services in Tbilisi, Georgia 

... It is the legal address for companies with high European standard virtual offices in Tbilisi, Georgia


Other provided services:

  • Legal advasory and accounting services
  • Tax consultation and audit service
  • Catering for meetings and training
  • Company incorporation in Georgia
  • Translations and legal translations (with Apostille)
  • Holding of General Meetings with Power of Attorney
  • Company incorporation in EU and Dubai
  • Virtual office services abroad
  • Establisment of the branch of a foreign company in Georgia


Useful links of public authorities in Tbilisi

Revenue Service

Let us introduce you a Georgian ready made companies and vintage Georgian companies!


We offer a new type of entrepreneurship in Georgia - a ready made company! If you would like to have your own business but do not have enough time to register a limited company  you can buy an already registered company which is set up by us, and has never commenced any business. Such Georgian Ready made company is ready to be used within 24 hours. Everything is very easy, you can buy it online and we do all the administrative work for you so you do not need to spend extra time. Our professionals in law and accountancy will explain you everything you need to know. Moreover, if you are not based in Tbilisi but would like to have a headquarters of your new company there we can provide you with high standards virtual office on one of the most lucrative addresses in Tbilisi. If you want to register the ready made company at your address it is, of course, also possible.

The basic service package of a Georgian ready made company includes:

  • Representation at the House of Justice
  • Extract from the Commercial Register to submit changes
  • Preparation of agreements on the transfer of shares
  • The decision on the appointment of a new Company Executive
  • Notary fees (verification of signatures)
  • The structure of shareholders (100 % or 50/50 or as per request)
  • The new listing of the Commercial Register
  • Company registration to corporate income tax

We can also provide you as an extra service:

  • VAT registration 
  • Bank account opening in Georgia

As we strive for meeting our clients' individual needs we can offer you a service package which is most suitable and effective for you. You can read more about ready made companies here. Please drop us an e-mail or call us.  



Offering a business address for placing a company at Tbilisi includes:

Rustaveli Avenue, Tbilisi, Georgia

More photos from the virtual office>>

  • An attractive bussiness address of a virtual office for residence of the company in Tbilisi for a client written in the Register of Companies.
  • Reception, storage and mail forwarding at the address of residence including received mail notification via SMS or email within the frame of offering the residence.
  • Company sign at the entrance.
  • Short-period rental of staffroom, equipped with an AV technique including refreshments for customers of the virtual office and offering the residence.
  • The choice of placing the residence in Tbilisi 
  • The possibility of providing a record of the company residence address in the Register of Companies (including an eventual amendment based on a decision of a general meeting) including distribution of an announcement to particular offices based on an authorization.

What is a Company Seat and who is it meant for?

Why do you need a Seat for your company?

  • Providing company headquarters – newly established companies and already existing (domestic and foreign limited liability company and join – stock company) are obliged by valid law – making requests to state its registry headquarters (company headquarters) in the business index, where apart from the headquarters address it evidences also charter, proving a legal title to use space or agreement of the owner with placing the company headquarters. Provision of headquarters on a professional level will be ensured to you by
  • Renting of company headquarters depends mainly on the locality and address of the headquarters. We offer you a company seat in Tbilisi from 9 EUR per month or  15 EUR per month for a company headquarters in Tbilisi with its own number and phone assistant presenting herself in the name of your company. In our Office centre you have the option to rent a session room in the place of your company headquarters.
  • With the provision of an address of the company headquarters you also get the service of mail receiving on the registry address and its forwarding.

The reason for providing a company address is:

  • Change of company address and its area affiliation. Record in the Registrar of Companies of company address change is made within 5 days.
  • Company founding and putting company address of private limited companies or public limited companies on record to the House of Justice

COMPANY ADDRESS - providing a company address (Tbilisi) and providing a virtual office in Tbilisi in one place


Besiki 4
Tbilisi, Georgia

  (+995) 557 300 007


Besiki Business Center, Besiki 4
Tbilisi, Georgia

  (+995) 557 300 007