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Advantages of placing a registered office in Tbilisi

For your company, Tbilisi is the most prestigious address for establishing a residence. It is a place where various celebrities are found and important guests are accommodated. Tbilisi has its own microclimate, atmosphere and its own rhythm of life. It offers both bustle and peace. In Tbilisi you can find modern shopping centres. It has its own unique charm and style. Tbilisi has its conditions for trade and company’s residence. Choose a favourable residence for your company placed in the capital city of Tbilisi.


Prestigious address of the virtual office in Tbilisi

Placement of headquarters is a matter of prestige. A client's interest in cooperation with your company may increase after discovering the address of the headquarters in a prestigious location. Considering the fact that Tbilisi is the capital city, it is very suitable for your headquarters' location. Your company will appear much more lucrative in the eyes of your partner.


Change the address of the registred office of your company to Tbilisi

You do not have to move, you do not have to arrange all the assignments, which would be necessary for moving the entire location of your company. Move only your seat of company.

We will provide you with a business address in Tbilisi and other supplementary services including administrative services and individual requests. Allow yourself to “lease a lucrative place" in Tbilisi.


A summary of the reasons and benefits of use of the company registered office in Tbilisi:

  1. In Tbilisi, there is a greater opportunity to make deals with potential clients
  2. In Tbilisi there is the largest concentration of your potential customers
  3. In Tbilisi, your seat looks more prestigious
  4. In Tbilisi, you can count with less human envy - use the anonymity of the city
  5. In Tbilisi, you can expect a lower administrative burden, and with it, less trouble


In addition to the above-mentioned reasons, there are three basic reasons for using the lease business address for the headquarters of your company:

  1. The residence for the new company or the branch organization of the foreign company. Each company must by law fulfil the legislative condition for the existence of the company residence. The residence as a provider of the head office has prepared for our clients all documents as an integral part of the whole business documents which are transmitted to the client site.
  2. The owner of the property, the landlord will not allow you the registration of the office at the address lease.
  3. Moving of the seat of an existing company. The most common reasons for the change of the trading address are:
  • Image of a company – to have a seat in a prestigious area in the Tbilisi city centre is an ideal tool to give your business the right dynamics
  • Envy – Successful firms that are working pretty well usually leak to big cities if they have the feeling they are becoming a centre stage of their surroundings – rival companies, offices or envious neighbours. The seat of the company settled in the anonymous Tbilisi environment may bring the entrepreneur more peace for business and development of his company.
  • Frequent visits of audit offices – as the statistics are proving it’s not an exception to await a visit from the financial office more than once in 10 years in big cities and yearly periods in smaller towns.
  • Money saving – You don´t have to buy your own property or let a traditional office for 1 to 5 years. At the same time you will save money on the administration thanks to our virtual assistant.
  • Time - You will receive your business address practically overnight. Owing to its quickness and simplicity, this service is a way to approach your customers even faster.
  • Frequent change of residence - locate your company outside your place.


Do not move your furniture; just change your business address. Business cards of a company based in Tbilisi will certainly give the impression of prestige.


How to order

To order please fill out the form below or call Toll Free: 0800 000 020 (from Georgia) or Reception: (+995) 558 800 007 (from abroad)


Necessary documents for making an order:

For the service of Granting a company´s place of business

  • Founding document of a company or an actual statement from the business register
  • One proof of identity of the company statutory authority, partner/shareholder of the company or a representative acting as an agent under a power of attorney

For the service Granting an address for a company

  • One proof of identity of a person making the order


The first payment for the services

  • Cash payment when making the order
  • On the basis of an advance invoice



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